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In the early 2000's,  we were in search of the Best Bloody Mary in town! Our quest included supermarkets, liquor stores, restaurants, farmer's markets, tailgates, and local bars too! We came across a few mixes we liked, but when we went back again, the Bloody Mary did not taste the same. We found an inconsistency in bars and restaurants, each may have had the same ingredients, but for some reason they didn't taste the same and the bottle mixes we liked in stores were not always available.

​Frustrated ​& determined we set out to make our own consistent and tasty Bloody Mary Mix with a nice "Kick!" We gathered a bunch of spices coupled with Tomato juice & puree, Worcestershire Lemon Juice and Horseradish. Six months later we came up with a perfectly blended mix with eight different spices and a kicker that maintains a consistent taste.

First, we had to seek an opinion outside of our own, so to the neighbors we went. Each person that tried our blend gave us great feedback. Our secret blend was an overwhelming success.​

We then had to think of an appropriate name. As you may have guessed, "Backyard Mary" was born in our very own backyard, and thus the brand was born.

We thank you for your time and interest in Backyard Mary's story. ​ Remember, "It's All About the Kick!" Cheers!

"It's All About the Kick"

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